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Silvia Song (b. 1979) is an interdisciplinary artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born in São Paulo, Brazil and raised in Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and practiced architecture for about 10 years, before shifting her focus to art.

Her work explores the paring down of natural materials into minimal forms that highlight the simultaneously strong and fragile properties of her chosen medium. These quiet objects reflect the influence of her training as an architect, in the way in which they occupy space and interact with the stillness and light that surround them.

Song works intuitively--both on individual pieces, and in her studio practice as a whole. While she may begin work in a new series with an idea about a utilitarian form, the slow and steady process of shaping these materials allows for much quiet contemplation and a gradual emergence of shifting forms. As a keen observer, she is interested in how form and shape develop in the natural world--through small but steady movements, and the passage of time, be it erosion from water or wind, or the breakdown of plant materials. Her work seeks to find those unspoken languages and spaces that happen between man and nature.

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